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Dougie MacLean

The Essential Dougie MacLean

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This two-disc set, each disc containing 13 tracks and one hour playing time, includes some of Dougie's finest work, plus one previously unreleased song (Another Time). Often called "The James Taylor of Scotland," Dougie MacLean has long been in the forefront of the Scottish music scene and an international folk hero. Known for his rich imagery, lyrical melodies and an innovative style deeply rooted in his Scottish heritage.

Tracks (Disc 1):
Ready For The Storm, Not Look Down, She Will Find Me, Broken Wings, Garden Valley, Turning Away, The Gael, Gloomy Winter, We'll Be Together Again, Scythe Song, Trail of the Survivor, Solid Ground, Edmonton Airbus/Craigie Dhu

Tracks (Disc 2):
Marching Mystery, Ca' the Yowes, Singing Land, Rite of Passage, Mr. & Mrs. MacLean of Snaigow, Not Lie Down, Caledonia, Another Time (previously unreleased), Holding Back, Home, Till Tomorrow, The Fair City, This Love Will Carry


Dougie Maclean - Album: Inside The Thunder

Inside The Thunder

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Press Release for Inside The Thunder

Tracks: Not Look Down, Song For Johnny, Home, Seventh Sea, Strathmore, Eternally You, Open Fields, It's Not For Me, Into The Flames, Beside You

Dougie Maclean - Live from the ends of the Earth

- From the ends of the earth

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Tracks: She Will Find Me, Scythe Song, Rescue Me, Rite of Passage, All Together, Green Grow The Rashes, Ready For The Storm, Feel So Near, Talking With My Father, Singing Land, Caledonia, This Love Will Carry

Dougie Maclean - Perthshire Amber

Perthshire Amber

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Press Release for Perthshire Amber

Dougie MacLean and the BT Scottish Ensemble
(with Pete Clark, Graham Mulholland, Jamie MacLean, John Moran)

Where Celtic meets Classical
The following is a review of the debut live performance at City Hall, Perth, Scotland, May 22, 1999:

Perthshire Amber, a four-movement instrumental suite by Dougie MacLean was unveiled to huge public acclaim in its debut performance...

It is an immensely successful piece, rooted absolutely in traditional dance and melodic idioms, and characterized by MacLean's unforgettable lyrical melodies...

Carrying the bulk of the gorgeous melodies were fiddler Pete Clark and piper/whistler Graham Mulholland, whose haunting whistle solo in the slow movement, electronically enhanced, was so spellbinding you could almost sense a collective suspension of breathing in the huge audience. MacLean himself provided the rhythm and a brief vocal melody at the end.

The string writing for the BT Scottish Ensemble-expertly scored by Kevin McCrae-ranged across decorative backdrops, bustling counterpoints with the folk instruments, and powering the rhythmic engine room of the music.

An irrestible tapestry of tunes, rhythms, instrumental and orchestral colours, harmonies and textures. When can we hear it again?-The Herald (Scotland)

Dougie Maclean - Riof


(pronounced "reef")

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Tracks: Stepping Stones, Stolen, Scythe Song, Feel So Near, Gneiss Wind, Sfhda Leam An Oidche Ghemhaidh, She Will Find Me, Big River, Fragments From "A Mug's Game," Distant Son

Dougie Maclean - Tribute


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Tracks: Ca' the Yowes, Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie?, Scots Wha' Hae, Neil Gow's Lament, Slaves Lament, Banks and Braes, For a' That, Gloomy Winter, Rattlin' Roarin' Willie, Auld Lang Syne, Farewell to Whiskey

Dougie Maclean - Marching Mystery

Marching Mystery

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Tracks: Deepest Part Of Me, Marching Mystery, It Belongs to Us, All Together, Holding Back, Hearts Can Never Hide, Broken Wings, The Land, When The People Speak, Expectation

Dougie Maclean - Indigenous


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Tracks: Rite of Passage, Rank and Roses, War Slave's Lament, Turning Away, Let Her Go, This Line Has Broken, Ae Fond Kiss, Thundering In, Eternity

Dougie Maclean - Album: Craigie Dhu

Craigie Dhu

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Tracks: Gin I Were A Baron's Heir, Ready For the Storm, It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King, High Flying Seagull, Edmonton Airbus/Craigie Dhu, Bonnie Bessie Logan, Seanair's Song, It Fascinates Me, Tullochgorum, Caledonia

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