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Stunning vocals and an eclectic mix of mostly original songs by a female duet with folk/celtic roots.

Susan Graham White and Grace Griffith combine their talents as the folk/celtic duet HAZLEWOOD. This duet became wildly popular in the Washington DC area where they produced three albums before moving on to successful solo careers. "Journeys" is the 3rd and last HAZLEWOOD CD, released in 1990. It is highly regarded as their pinnacle achievement, full of gorgeous vocals and outstanding songwriting.

Album: Nightbird


Eva Cassidy

This 2 disc CD set affords everyone the opportunity to experience Eva Cassidy's tour de force performance at Blues Alley jazz club in Washington, DC on January 3, 1996. The Blues Alley performances were recorded for what was to become Eva's only solo album released during her lifetime. The original Live At Blues Alley album only included 12 of the 31 songs recorded that night. Twenty years later, the remastered Nightbird includes all 31 songs, among them 8 unreleased songs performed by Eva.

Album: Passing Through

Passing Through

Grace Griffith

The songs that comprise Passing Through range from traditional to modern. Their overarching theme mirrors life's complex richness and revelations as observed by someone who has had to deal with more than her share of trials, but never lost touch with the love and truth of the universe.

Grace Griffith chose the songs in this collection with a deep awareness of their meaning and power.

Album: Por Ti Volaré

Por Ti Volaré

Daniel Rodriguez

Por Ti Volaré is a collection of songs that showcases New York's 9/11 singing policeman as he embraces his Latin roots..

Daniel Rodriguez’s road to his current place as “America’s Beloved Tenor” was filled with all the detours and potholes of every life path. He began singing in his youth, the product of a musical, multi-cultural family where his Puerto Rican roots intermingled with the rich fabric of New York City. His father and grandfather both sang. Others in his family played various instruments. By junior high school, he was enrolled in theater arts and performing in musicals as well as dramatic roles.

Album: Dreams Of The San Joaquin

Dreams Of The San Joaquin

Randy Sharp, Jack Wesley Routh, Sharon Bays, Maia Sharp

Dreams of the San Joaquin is a collection of songs that pay homage to various musical styles and tales from the Great Valley. The songs range from the dark musings of a solitary stranger…to the light, tight harmonies associated with the legendary Sons of the Pioneers.

The creators of this collection are three members of a musical family plus a long-time friend and collaborator, all with deep roots in the San Joaquin:

Randy Sharp, patriarch, musician, producer, recording artist and Grammy-winning songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Emmylou Harris, Reba McEntire and Marty Robbins.

Maia Sharp, daughter, musician, rising recording artist, producer and songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Bonnie Raitt, Cher, Trisha Yearwood, Art Garfunkel and Edwin McCain, among others.

Sharon Bays, wife, mother, and California scholar, started singing and playing in bands with Randy in high school. They performed for many years in the Visalia/Fresno area near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Jack Wesley Routh, friend, musician, recording artist, producer and Grammy-winning songwriter.